Why You Should Consider Allocating to A Disruptive Technology ETF

    Capturing the growth potential of disruptive technology can be complicated. ETF investing can help make it simple. Investors can gain exposure to the world of disruptive technology with a single trade providing access to a basket of innovative stocks. Whether you’re interested in healthcare technology, AI, or robotics, our ETFs can provide broad global exposure to cutting-edge companies that aren’t found in traditional market indices.


    Here’s why you should consider allocating to a disruptive technology ETF:

    • Broad Exposure to Rapidly Evolving Technologies
    • Access to Thorough Research & Quarterly Rebalances
    • A Liquid, Tax Efficient Investment Vehicle
    • Long-term, Future-Focused Investment Strategies
    • Low Overlap with Traditional Broad Market Indices 


    Broad Exposure to Rapidly Evolving Technologies

    Investors often look to own companies within an existing GICS sector or industry classification (more on GICS here). We believe that it is more effective to be sector agnostic in stock selection when trying to gain broad-based exposure to emerging industries. Investing in ROBO Global's ETFs can provide access to those companies that we consider to be disruptive - regardless of their geography, sector classification, or market capitalization.


    Access to Thorough Research & Quarterly Rebalances

    Our team of financial professionals and industry experts are wholly focused on constructing disruptive technology portfolios. We conduct in-depth research across robotics, AI, and healthcare technology, with the goal of reflecting the timeliest developments and innovative companies in the space.


    A Liquid, Tax Efficient Investment Vehicle

    An ETF wrapper presents a tax-efficient vehicle for exposure to broad-range technology companies. The ETF vehicle has additional tools not available to mutual funds by which they can potentially minimize the long- or short-term capital gains and other taxes potentially owed by the ETF owner. (Taxable events for both vehicles could be caused by turnover due to buying and selling and portfolio rebalancing.)

    In a single trade, investors are allocating to companies across the world working in disruptive technology. The nature of this disruption can potentially create an environment ripe for M&A activity, allowing investors to get in on the action. Read more on the tax efficiency of ETF investing here.


    Long-term, Future-Focused Investment Strategies

    Our portfolios are built for the long term. Because these technologies are changing so quickly, we believe that ETF investing is the best way to potentially capture these often unstructured, long-term growth opportunities.


    Low Overlap with Traditional Broad Market Indices 

    Investors are receiving additional exposure to companies that are not broadly represented in traditional market indices.


    Due to the rapidly evolving nature of disruptive tech, picking the winners and losers can be an impossible feat. We believe that the ETF approach to investing in innovative companies is the most effective way to potentially gain exposure to growth stocks while minimizing risk. The ROBO Global ETFs can provide investors access to disruptive themes like healthcare technology (HTEC), robotics and automation (ROBO), and artificial intelligence (THNQ).

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