ROBO Global is an index, advisory, and research company focused on helping investors capture the unique opportunities of fast-growing robotics, artificial intelligence, and healthcare technology companies around the world.

In 2013, the ROBO Global® Robotics and Automation Index ETF (ROBO) was launched. Since then, we have added two more ETFs tracking the ROBO Global® Artificial Intelligence Index (THNQ) and the ROBO Global® Healthcare Technology & Innovation Index (HTEC).

Our goal is to provide thoughtful, diversified portfolios for those looking to invest in innovation.



Travis Briggs photo
Travis Briggs
William Studebaker Photo
Wiliam Studebaker
President & CIO
Jeremie Capron ROBO Global
Jeremie Capron, CFA
Director of Research
Erin Shepherd Martinez ROBO Global
Erin Martinez
Head of Global Marketing
Brad Baker ROBO Global
Brad Baker, CFA
CTO & Director of Operations
Lauren Hein
Lauren Hein
Director of Sales
Clay Shepherd
Clay Shepherd
Director of Finance & Planning
Lisa Chai ROBO Global
Lisa Chai
Senior Research Analyst
Nina Deka
Nina Deka
Senior Research Analyst
Edward Rumell
Edward Rumell
Senior VP of Sales
Isaac Green
Senior VP of Sales
Shachi Merchant
Shachi Merchant
Vice President, Index Specialist


Henrik Christensen ROBO Global
Henrik Christensen, PhD
Raffaello_DAndrea_Background (1)
Raffaello D’Andrea, PhD
Ken Goldberg ROBO Global
Ken Goldberg, PhD
manish kothari
Manish Kothari, PhD
Wyatt Newman ROBO Global
Wyatt Newman, PhD
illah Nourbakhsh
Illah R. Nourbakhsh, PhD
Daniela Rus ROBO Global
Daniela Rus, PhD
Louis-Vincent Gave
Louis-Vincent Gave
Morten Paulsen
Morten Paulsen


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